when we talk to clients we want them to understand that problem solving is a methodology and approach a technique that will allow them to identify problems to find them and define them in a way where they can begin there instead of the solutions and then put the solutions in place recognizing the challenges to keeping the problem abated and so when I sat down to write the Toyota Way field book and the section on problem solving that was a question and I basically started out by saying it’s a little bit of a misnomer this idea of problem solving because it’s a Toyota’s way it’s just a way of thinking about things a methodology of process it’s just something that happens automatically to to really help us put things in perspective to understand what the purpose of the organization is what we’re there to do and what we’re trying to achieve first and then understand what those obstacles and hindrances are that get in the way of that those are the problems of them to think about how we can effectively do that and get the organization headed where it wants to go