hello and welcome to this second in a series of short book recommendation videos in the first video I talked about this book the Toyota Way and the importance of this book and the fact that this is the quintessential book if you’re starting any form of lean thinking or even agile journey you need this book but what happens when you get through understanding the academia the processes the descriptions and explanations of the Toyota Way and the Toyota Production system the Toyota way of doing things you then need practical help to help you apply that in your day to day job the book that helped me more than any other book in my early toyota career my learning journey in lean thinking was the toyota way field book this is the second book following the toyota way book by dr. Jeff Leica I can tell you that you can see all these tabs these are my notes from the years that I’ve used this book I still go back to this book now I still refer to this book from time to time the Toyota Way field book is probably the second most important book you’ll ever buy if you’re starting to study or learn or better understand how to outer functions again I’ll leave the links to this book in the description of this video below so you can click through to Amazon and buy that if that works for you the Toyota Way and the Toyota way Phil book are two books every practitioner should own you