Hello, youtube .been doing the 5am thing, so it’s pretty early here. Rough night but still got up sup.

 I got up to give you guys a book review. First of many, hopefully. The first book I read, starting this after a two-second lien, was The Toyota Way by Jeffrey liker.

 Got it on audible I’ll put a link to Amazon in the description here.

 It was not that long, about six hours long, and lots of good information. one of the things that stuck out to me was how as Americans, we look at problems differently.

 Just a cultural thing.

 And we try to buy solutions rather than change the culture and make sure it’s stuck first.

 That stuck out to me.

 The other thing is how we look at problems. We look for immediate solutions rather than try to experience the problem to find the solution.

I’m going to find the improvement, and it was just kind of it’s changed the way I look at things.

 And change the way I’m implementing things at work and at home, so first read-through. First, listen through. That’s what struck me about it looking forward to going through it again.

 So I don’t know if you guys read it. What do you think?