Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way

“Toyota Talent,” written by Jeffrey Liker and co-authored by David Meier, goes into depth about how Toyota gets its success. Both authors provide deeper insight into the 4 Ps method (Philosophy, People, Problem Solving and Process), which was explained in “The Toyota Way Fieldbook.” Readers will learn how Toyota helps develop the talent and people it needs to succeed and how it can be done in another company. The book walks through the in-depth methods used to train and help each individual show their full potential so they can be a valuable part of the company. Throughout the book, there is information about training plans, how to break down complicated jobs into easier ways to train, how to properly prepare the workplace, and recognizing potential leaders in the workforce, as well as educating other members of the staff. Liker and Meier will help get the most of employees who want to work toward the company’s common goals.


“Toyota Talent,” written by Jeffrey Liker and David Meier, explains how Toyota has developed the right talented people in order to gain its success as an automaker that produces dependable cars and trucks. The right workforce has led to Toyota’s success, and Toyota Talent helps explain some of the success that stems from the employees. Toyota’s methodology can be explained with the 4Ps (Philosophy, People, Problem Solving and Process). Liker and Meier, both authorities on Toyota’s success, help businesses achieve the same success as Toyota with the methodology laid out in Toyota Talent.

The book begins by explaining Toyota’s approach to developing employees and then continues through the process on how to help these employees grow to be high performing individuals. The authors show how important it is to create a positive environment in the company, where learning and teaching are absolutely critical, and show how this has benefited Toyota throughout the years.

Not only does Toyota Talent explain the purpose of actually training and creating environments where employees can learn, it also dives into examples on how to train employees in all areas of the company. Readers will learn how to support each employee so that they are able to reach their full potential within the organization.

As part of the training plan, the book dives into understanding various types of work and how to break down those jobs and educate employees on the complicated jobs. There are examples on properly preparing the workplace and how that leads to the right expectations. Recognizing potential employees that have the leadership qualities you want is important in any organization, and Toyota Talent gives readers information on how to recognize these employees so they can become potential trainers themselves in the workplace.

The authors have two decades of fieldwork and research to really educate readers on making employees the best they can be so they can all work towards the company’s common goals. Liker teaches industrial and operations engineering at the University of Michigan and Meier is the president of a corporate consulting firm and also a former Toyota executive. Their experience combined gives readers of Toyota Talent a number of tools to succeed in leadership roles and in business.


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