Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way

Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way

“Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way”,  written by Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus, is another follow-up to the bestseller “The Toyota Way”. “Toyota Culture” explores how the company employees and nurtures its workers to be apart of the Toyota team.

Welcome to the wonderful and up-lifting world of Toyota. The readers will be taken on a long journey into what makes of the very heart and soul of Toyota. After reading this book, they will grow to appreciate Toyota every more. Reading this book will help the readers with their own company grow and reach beyond the highest level it can be.

Who knows what goes into making a Toyota vehicle? Everyone knows and loves the brand known as Toyota. Up to 35.55 million people drive a vehicle from the Toyota brand. The company goes out of their way to improve itself each day. But do who knows what goes into making one of those beloved and most reliable vehicles? Do who knows how passionate and committed the company is to develop and build the best of their products to sell to the world? What exactly is Toyota culture? What is the key to having long, lasting years of success? How can Toyota culture apply to other business models?


In Toyota Culture, the reader will explore what makes Toyota culture and how they run their company. Toyota firmly believes that its people are their strongest asset to their company. Five parts of the book breaks down everything from about the people themselves to what we all can learn from the Toyota culture itself. Within eighteen chapters, Liker and Hoseus walk the reader through the “human systems” who make up the spine of Toyota itself. Dive deep into the company’s 4P model that keeps their company well-organized and successful: Philosophy, People, Process, and Problem Solving. The book shows how Toyota picks the best and the brightest to come and work for them. It is not enough for Toyota to pick the best and the brightest to work for their company. They take the time and effort to inspire and develop their employees to give it their all to create the best of the best to boost the Toyota name and spirit.

The reader will learn everything you wanted to know about the history and growth of the Toyota culture and why so many hold it near and dear to their hearts to this very day. Each vignette is an eye-opening tale that deepens the understanding and appreciation for the much-beloved Toyota. Liker and Hoseus go behind the stages with the company’s process for building and keeping the best of the best through four stages: attract, develop, engage, and inspire. With this book, the reader can use this as a guide to how grow and evolve their company for the growing and changing modern world. Everyone can look to and aspire to live up to the spirit of Toyota culture.

Winner of the Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publication in 2009, this book is available in paperback and hard cover for the print version and EBook for the Kindle or tablet. Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way can be found on Amazon.


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