The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations

This is a world’s bestseller book, not your everyday airport read. This book engages the reader on service- based organizational skills and how to gain value, lead and get the best results- The Toyota Way.

The Toyota Way to Service Excellence is more of a masterclass course with great professors! This is true since Dr. Jeffrey Liker brings to life the imagined examples being a great professor for over three decades. Co-author Karyn Ross brings the practicality of the great concepts to life. Together they perfect such a thoughtful and careful application of the principles and practices of Toyota to IT, Customer care, motor industry, hotel industry and beyond.

The two authors use imagination as part of their case studies clearly applying The Toyota Way to a service process. They weave in real life examples of businesses they have worked with. What makes it interesting about the real companies is how different yet similar the work-cultures are. Walk with them as they detail the magnificent success stories which the different organizations have done how best they know. As you go through this masterclass, you can grab ideas as well as draw inspiration from each example.


This book will guide you in the understanding of Lean and establish practices, tools, and principles needed to grow people and processes that are of benefit to your customer. A good business is a happy customer. Their principles are tried and tested to help make constant improvements in customer service, add value to the customer and streamline daily operations of your business.

Whether you are top management or in the line of service, as long as you deal with customers you have a lot to learn and take full advantage of Lean. The case studies drawn from all sectors of businesses from all over the world illustrate the Lean Principles and Practices that work well in the service industry as well as manufacturing industry.

The philosophy behind The Toyota Way can be summed up as: Mechanical thinking is linear and short-term and requires an expert to find solutions. Systematic or Organic thinking is long-term based since it treats organizations as interconnected puzzles where everyone is learning and evolving at the same time. There is no specific way to implement or install change or good practices in an organization.

This book is a beautiful masterpiece full of educational content full of the author’s personal touches that can address and solve the stubborn corporate behavior. This book will resonate with any rational business seeking to improve the culture in their workplace. No one has ever failed attempting the Lean Approach.

There are also some cautionary examples, the authors offer their readers a lot of insightful advice on
what not to do as well as great examples that worked somewhere else. The main caution here is having the pre-conceived solutions but they offer a very easy high-level generic approach that works.
Do you want a glimpse of greatness, maybe you should make it a compulsory read at your workplace, have a few copies as a gift during this year’s End Year Office Party.


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