"Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way",  written by Jeffrey Liker and Michael Hoseus, is another follow-up to the bestseller "The Toyota Way". "Toyota Culture" explores how the company employees and nurtures its workers to be apart of the Toyota team. Welcome to the wonderful and up-lifting world of Toyota. The readers will be taken on a long journey into what makes of the very heart and soul of Toyota. After reading this book, they will grow to appreciate Toyota every more. Reading this book will help the readers with their own company grow and reach beyond the highest level it can be. Who knows what goes into making a Toyota vehicle? Everyone knows and loves the brand known as Toyota. Up to 35.55 million people drive a vehicle from the Toyota brand. The company goes out of their way to improve itself each day. But do who knows what goes into making one of those beloved and most reliable vehicles? Do who knows how passionate and committed the company is to develop and build the best of their products to sell to the world? What exactly is Toyota culture? What is the key to having long, lasting years of success? How can Toyota culture apply to other business models?