The Lean Blueprint of Sustainability, Following the Toyota Way Highly publicized recalls in 2009 and 2010 tarnished the respected carmaker’s reputation. Sixy years of renown for operational excellence was called into question and put under the microscope of public optics. Business pundits questioned the value proposition of quality upon which the brand was built. The harshest critics began predicting the demise of the giant car manufacturer. Fortunately, the government’s findings cleared the carmaker of wrongdoing in the series of defects and accidents. Toyota recovered quickly through agile marketing and public apologies. The carmakers learned not to rely on processes blindly, not matter how long they delivered unsurpassed results. It's alway important to question, test and verify. “The Toyota Way,” by Jeffrey Liker, shares the foundational principles that have made Toyota great with the rest of the business world. Now, “The Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement,” reveals insights froma Toyota production engineer, James Franz. Franz shows readers how to implement continuous improvement by adapting a disciplined approach to process improvement across your organization.