In "The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership," readers learn the two key maxims to build a successful business:
  • constantly improve processes and people,
  • focus on leadership development.
Working with the vehicle manufacturer's former executive Gary Convis, writer Jeffrey Liker details, analyzes and teaches the lean way to lead. It took home the Shingo Research and Professional Publications Award in 2012 by providing solid, actionable advice and a pleasurable read. Readers can apply the advice provided, especially in early chapters, to a company, department or team environment. While Toyota uses it in relationship to a manufacturing setting, the methods prove useful in any business format. Readers compliment its engaging style and its advice on topics as diverse as systems thinking and servant leadership. Toyota's consistently implemented company and leadership principles resulted in 58 years in a row of increased profits for the vehicle manufacturer. Only the worst Japanese earthquake in a century and a part recall slowed it down. Both occurred in the same year -2008. Its foray into lean leadership teaches readers the methods used to build this successful company with 80 years in business.