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  • “The Toyota Way Fieldbook: A Practical Guide for Implementing the 4Ps,” written by Jeffrey K. Liker and David Meier, is the follow up to the bestseller “The Toyota Way.” The Fieldbook helps build on Toyota’s operating systems. The book details examples that have shown success for Toyota’s practices, and The Toyota Way Fieldbook explains what can help other companies and how they can develop systems similar to Toyota that can fit in to their unique styles. Beginning with a review of the principles Toyota uses, including the 4Ps (Philosophy, Processes, People and Partners, and Problem Solving), readers will then have the knowledge to develop a long-term philosophy for their company and transform take enterprise to the next level. Some of the strategies the book covers include defining the company, problem solving, leadership and having the right support people. Both authors have combined experience in order to provide in-depth knowledge on the success of Toyota and how to implement the strategies that led to that success.
  • “Toyota Talent,” written by Jeffrey Liker and co-authored by David Meier, goes into depth about how Toyota gets its success. Both authors provide deeper insight into the 4 Ps method (Philosophy, People, Problem Solving and Process), which was explained in “The Toyota Way Fieldbook.” Readers will learn how Toyota helps develop the talent and people it needs to succeed and how it can be done in another company. The book walks through the in-depth methods used to train and help each individual show their full potential so they can be a valuable part of the company. Throughout the book, there is information about training plans, how to break down complicated jobs into easier ways to train, how to properly prepare the workplace, and recognizing potential leaders in the workforce, as well as educating other members of the staff. Liker and Meier will help get the most of employees who want to work toward the company’s common goals.