Hi, this is Jeff liker. I want to talk to you about our lean training program. I’ve known tone Hodes and its associates at craft lean management for years and worked with them on projects. I became convinced that they truly understand and apply the philosophy of the toad away, not just the tools. So four years ago, we met in Michigan, and together we designed this lean practitioner certification training. We agreed on small amounts of practical training with hands-on exercises and shop floor activities when possible, then coupled with three weeks in between actual project work that supervised is far more effective than a couple of weeks in a classroom that you see in most lean certification courses. The program described on the website has been used successfully with many different clients, and between clients, tone and his colleagues are continually improving the program. The goal is to provide the fundamentals you need to take on challenging projects. Now I should point out that nobody at Toyota is certified in the Toyota Production System, and even a four-month course is just a license to learn, not licensed to be an expert. We want people who are willing to put in the dedicated effort to learn throughout their lives how to transform organizations using lean and follow the philosophy that the ultimate goal is a culture of continuous improvement. The training can give you a significant boost to elevate your skills, and we welcome anybody committed to genuinely learning, practicing, reflecting, and making yourself better. Hope to see you in our training.