Karyn Ross

Karyn Ross

Karyn Ross is the co-author with Jeff Liker of the Toyota Way to Service Excellence, which was so highly thought of that together they became recipients of the Shingo Awards. It’s an honor to praise the winners for challenging themselves with recent business improvements and implementing these new practices over time. The book became a must-read for executives, managers, consultants, and front-line workers.

The best-selling Toyota Way series offered principles that applied directly to industries where the quality of customer care service is crucial to their success. Ross and Liker offered a plan to utilize these practices within your company and develop a staff that can recognize each customer’s needs and wants. The book offers case studies that provide research and real-world examples of principles used in various industries. Each case study showed the success of using the principles and content from practice work that can work in any service industry.

In the past, Ross has worked with various business sectors, such as groups within the insurance, financial services, transportation, and retail industries. She instructs them on combining their creative and business practices, which helps ensure customers receive what they expect in service and product. Their experience should come with a personal touch from you and your staff.

Ross is a practicing artist and acclaimed consultant who has written several how-to articles for the Lean Enterprise Institute, found on their website. She eloquently discusses different topics on changing the mindset of your business through coaching seminars. Also, how to combine your creative and business sides into one driving force. Her coaching seminars enabled companies to create better customer service by implementing the tools provided to create practical creativity and strive for excellence each day at work. You develop your capability by focusing on the means, the how, and the results.

Ross is running her firm, Karyn Ross Consulting, which teaches how to combine creativity with business principles and practices for a better you. Accomplishing this goal will create a better working environment for all. This newfound skill offers your company a path to become a more efficient and effective service to your consumer needs. The long-term goal is to fulfill your purpose for continuance gains.

Other services offered by Karyn Ross Consulting include participating in a 21-day program that consists of practical exercises that focus on helping your business to flourish, thrive, and grow within your industry. You can choose from personal coaching, group workshops, and guest speaker seminars that develop the confidence needed to build long-term success with your consumer base. This is accomplished by customizing a culture that aligns your staff towards your vision of service to the customer.