David MeierDavid Meier is recognized internationally for his vast knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and The Toyota Production System.

David first got the opportunity to learn about Lean Manufacturing when he got a job at Toyota Motor Manufacturing and worked as a Group Leader. He was among the first leaders that Toyota hired at their Georgetown, Kentucky facility. For a period of over 10 years, he worked at the plastics molding department.

In Japan, he was also coached and mentored by TSP experts in TPS principles. This program also included fulltime training by Japanese coordinators. He specializes in growing TSP expertise within companies so that they can be able to achieve lean transformations. Through this, David acquired thousands of hour’s worth of training experience and related well to employees as well as members of management.

On his quest to share his knowledge with others, David has organized training workshops in different parts of the world including North America, Brazil, Russia, Asia and Europe. He has worked in a number of manufacturing and nonmanufacturing companies in various industries such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, food processing, chemical processing, metal machining, fabricating, assembly operations and welding.

Since 1992, David has applied the Lean principles successfully in both office work and manufacturing places, as well as in both custom work and high volume environments. He achieves this by using an activity focused approach. All this started when he assisted an Ohio based manufacturer producing small bird feeders.

Other groups that David Meier has worked within the recent years include the University of Michigan, AME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Montreal Board of Trade, The Window and Door Manufacturers Association, ORGPROM Russia, AIM Inlines Thailand, the Shingo Prize conference, Continuous Quality Improvement Network and Made In China, Inc.

In 2001 David founded a consulting firm, Lean Associates Inc, to which he is also the president. He then made sure to personally select the most capable team for hire. Lean Associates, Inc is dedicated to supporting companies pursuing implementation of the Toyota Production System. The consulting firm trains employees within your company to experts who generate substantial results. All the senior associates have great skills in the Toyota Production System as they have been trained by Toyota trainers.

The employees at Lean Associates, Inc are handpicked on the basis of what skills they can offer. The Lean Team has excellent knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and is willing to guide interested organizations along the lean journey.

David Meier has co-authored some of the best-selling books with Jeffrey K. Liker. These two write in details, the concepts, and tools that managers need to bring to life in any organization, the Toyota’s success-proven practices. These hands-on books are:

1.    The Toyota Way Fieldbook published by McGraw-Hill, in April 2007

2.    Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way published by McGraw-Hill, in September 2005

Other books that he has authored are:

1.    Chapters 3 & 5 of Lean Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide in June 2001, Published by Society of Manufacturing Engineers

2.    The Reality of Lean Manufacturing in March 2001

3.    Make Lean Manufacturing Work for You in June 2000. This was co-authored